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Tasseography by Rissa offers tea leaf readings for seekers throughout the world via remote readings. Due to Coronavirus, ONLY remote readings are available. Readings are done in English. Tasseographs are available for $20/$60 in USA funds. Gift readings are available, email me for details.

Please watch the video for full details on how to choose tea and a cup, how to turn your cup, and what pictures to send me.

You must send a complete set of in-focus, well-lit pictures! Please see sample photos to the right.

Basic symbol chart/$20 USA funds - includes a handwritten basic chart showing the major symbols of your cup and how they relate to the emotional and physical elements of your world.

Check out the sample reading

Check out the sample reading

Full Drawing and Write-Up/$60 USA funds - includes complete drawing of the major and minor symbols in the cup, a 1-page typed analysis of the symbols and notes on how they relate to the emotional and material elements of your world; additionally, you may send back two questions about the cup for me to answer. To read a sample reading, see the PDF below. For seekers in the USA, original drawings can be mailed to seekers as part of the reading.

Check out the sample reading

Payment must be made in full via Venmo or Paypal at time of order. I'll get back to you immediately with a timeline for your tasseograph. Most are done within a day unless I'm doing day-job work, walking the dog, asleep, or you're in a different time zone.

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Due to Coronavirus, all readings at this time are remote. Please check my remote reading page for more info. Questions? Reach out via Instagram or email.